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victory Victory – Start off with a FREE starter kit!  You’ve wanted to quick smoking, well there’s no more excuses.  Here’s your golden ticket with Victory.  This FREE starter kit will get you going on the road to a smokeless life.  No more yellow teeth, musty smell, second hand smoke for your children, or even the high expense of smoking.

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lux Lux- Lux lets one smoke anywhere without the offensive odor of traditional cigarettes. This makes it so one can always get a nicotine fix with no tobacco, no tar and no toxic chemicals or harm others.
 7smart 7-Smart – This superstore offers everything you could possibly need from starters kits to refills in a No-BS style.  7-Smart is definitely the choice if you want options between colors, packages, different types of eCigs, flavors, chargers, liquids and everything else can be found here.  Take a look to find what you’re looking for.
puresmoke Puresmoke- Discover the satisfaction of a smoke-free, tar-free, leak-proof alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. PureSmoke e-cigs do not contain tar or carcinogenic substances so it’s safe for the environment. Our Full Flavor and Menthol Flavor cartridges are offered in 4 nicotine strengths: High, Medium, Low, Zero.
cigarti Cigarti- We are proud to offer the only electronic cigarette on the market that is completely customizable. Cigarti electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of classic cigarettes, yet do not contain any of the dangerous cancer causing agents that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. Cigarti users inhale clean water vapor and nicotine – without tobacco, tar, and carcinogens.
 Smoke Assist  Smoke Assist- Smoke Assist™ is an exciting alternative. You may now satisfy your oral fixation with our water vapor device. Smoke Assist™ – Featuring realistic tobacco flavor, look and feel. No more smoke smell on your clothes, in your home or work.
Envycig Envycigs- With the price of traditional cigarettes climbing every year, health related costs mounting, and the ever shrinking number of places in which you can legally smoke, it is time to enjoy a new day. Remember when you could smoke anywhere you wanted? Remember when a pack of cigarettes only cost you $2.50 or less? Today is the day when the technology of the future meets the affordability and convenience of the past.
smokelessdelight smokelessdelite- Smokelessdelite has three different starter packages to choose from making the Smokelessdelite Free Ecigarette perfect for any budget. Stater kits include low, medium or high nicotine cartridges, so one can easily transition to the Free Ecigarette without experiencing withdraws from traditional cigarettes.
CheapElectronic Smoketip- The Smoke Tip Free Ecigarette comes in a variety of flavors, such as Almond • Apple • Cherry • Chocolate
Clove • Coffee • Peach • Strawberry • Vanilla. The “Eazy Drag”system offers an effortless Free Ecigarette smoking experience.
v2cigs- V2 has a breakthrough 2-piece design that was developed to correct the problems commonly experienced with the early 3-piece Free Ecigarette models. The Fresh seal feature on the flavor cartridges of the Free Ecigarette gives a pleasant E smoking experience.
Volcano- Volcano features a disposable menthol or regular tobacco Free Ecigarette along with their starter kits that range from mini Free Ecigarettes to a larger size. Also available, Volcano Vapor Cafe Coffee, an exclusive blend that compliments the Volcano Free Ecigarette wonderfully.
Smoke 51 Ecigarettes and Supplies! Smoke 51 Ecigarettes and Supplies-Vapor Corp. proudly introduces the 51™ Free ECigarette. Using advanced technology, the 51™ Free Ecigarette allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere sans the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Electronic Cigarette Devices – The Safer Smoking Alternative

Electronic Cigarette Devices – The Safer Smoking Alternative

As more stringent smoking bans are set in place around the world, there has been a sudden surge in the number of people trying to quit smoking. Health concerns as a result of smoking are becoming more prevalent, and these issues need to be addressed before the problem worsens.

Studies have shown that there are over seven million smokers in South Africa, 90% of whom started smoking before the age of 18. We are all aware of the negative impact that smoking has on our bodies, but here is a little reminder:

* Smoking can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 50%.

* It results in a sluggish circulation.

* It weakens the immune system, thereby making you more susceptible to colds and flu.

* The risk of lung disease is increased.

As these concerns weigh more heavily on our minds, numerous products have been developed to help reduce nicotine cravings and ultimately stop smoking altogether. There are many ways to stop smoking such as stopping outright, chewing nicotine gum, and applying nicotine patches. The more recent innovation is the electronic cigarette.

This nifty device is not a cigarette. Rather, it is a personal, portable vaporizing unit that causes nicotine from a replaceable cartridge to evaporate into ‘smoke’. Unlike cigarette smoke, this vapor does not contain any tar, carcinogens or smoke particles, yet it tastes just like a normal cigarette. Also, because it is not a real cigarette and does not give off smoke, you can use the device virtually anywhere, including restaurants that do not have smoking sections and in enclosed areas such as airplanes.

The device is a small, sleek unit that fits as easily into your lifestyle as it does in your pocket. It looks, feels and even tastes the same as a normal cigarette, but it is infinitely better for you. These e-cigarettes offer the latest micro-vaporizer technology, as well as being the smallest and lightest devices available at present. Generally, you will purchase a starter pack that contains the device, two batteries, two atomizers, a charger, five cartridges and the manual. This package contains all you need to replace your old cigarettes with the new e-cigarette.

The cartridges can be refilled with the special nicotine-containing formula. This formula is available in a variety of strengths (high, medium and low), as well as zero strength which contains no nicotine, but provides the same vibrant flavor. The liquids are available in the following flavors (not all strengths may offer all flavors): coffee, cherry, cola, polar mint, strawberry, tobacco, Turkish tobacco, vanilla and Virginia leaf.

As its name suggests, the electronic cigarette is an electronic device. It uses a lithium polymer cell and micro-electronics to vaporize the liquid, thus enabling it to be inhaled. In an effort to improve not only your health, but also to consider the environment, many of these devices are rechargeable as opposed to being disposable or requiring disposable batteries. As the device is portable, it makes sense that there should be a variety of ways to recharge it. There is a car charger and a USB charger, as well as the standard charger which plugs into an electrical point. This means that whether you are in the car, at the office or at home, there is always somewhere that you can recharge the device.

If you are looking for a way to quit smoking, then it may be worthwhile to try these cigarette alternatives. While it is not endorsed as a smoking cessation device, by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine that you take in through the vapor, you may be able to wean yourself off it all together. With the electronic cigarette, you can reduce your nicotine intake and enjoy a safer, smoking alternative.

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Let smokeless cigarettes help you get over your tobacco addiction

Let smokeless cigarettes help you get over your tobacco addiction

Are you aware that 72% of people who smoke have tried to quit and are unable to do so? The reason is simple: it is not only nicotine that we are addicted to, it is also the act of smoking itself and the feelings it gives us as we inhale. Just taking a moment for yourself to relax, light up and have a smoke, is often impossible to live without. This is because doctors and researchers have found that a large part of addiction is based on the physical action of smoking. It is not nicotine alone that a smoker craves, it is also the the actions and associations we have with the moment of relaxation. Nicotine gum does not deliver these sensations and that is why it does not work as well as smokeless cigarettes as a smoking alternative. Finally, electronic cigarettes have arrived to give smokers a very satisfying and much safer smoking alternative.

Electronic cigarettes are adjustable, delivering small or large amounts of nicotine, depending on what you need. You can change the level and amount in each smoke. It is possible to use this method to wean yourself off nicotine, leaving only the safe realistic vapor and sensation of the smokeless cigarette. The harmful effects of smoking (other than small doses of nicotine) can be entirely eliminated. You protect yourself from inhaling 599 toxic additives that tobacco companies add to regular cigarettes. The list of toxic additives has been kept a secret as big tobacco feared it would scare the pubic, with good reason! Big Tobacco Companies were finally forced to reveal this information to the department of health and human services in 1994 and the results were chilling. The list included not only 599 additives. When these substances combusted they produced 4000 chemical substances, none of them intended for human inhalation, with 43 confirmed cancer causing substances. In addition to getting rid of these serious health risks, electronic cigarettes can also help you get rid of bad breath, dental problems, risk of mouth cancer, yellow teeth and stained fingers.

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Save Money By Switching To Smokeless Cigarettes

Save Money By Switching To Smokeless Cigarettes

The smokeless cigarette consists of 3 elements; the battery power, the cartridge, as well as the atomizer, which vaporizes liquid nicotine. You will find numerous variants of the smokeless cigarette. There are versions that appear related to classic tobacco cigarettes, pen model, pipes, screwdrivers, cigars, as well as one particular type that appears somewhat like a harmonica. The battery life varies from product to product — the longer the smokeless cigarette, the longer the battery pack, and battery power existence. You’ll also find designs that may connect to your USB drive on your PC along with USB adapters, permitting you to work with your smokeless cigarette without running down battery power.

When you might be converting from “analog”, or standard tobacco cigarettes, towards smokeless cigarettes, you will need to consider your current nicotine consumption. This may allow you to choose which liquid nicotine strength you need to purchase. The liquid nicotine is obtainable in numerous strengths, together with flavors. You’re no longer trapped from the stale tobacco flavor that is known in the entire world. You are now able to get your nicotine fix with the flavors of strawberry, cherry, peach, butterscotch, banana, apple, watermelon, and even peanut butter! In case you prefer, you also hold the choice of no taste in any way.

Any of these reasons would make a Direct E-cigarette package a wonderful alternative for smokers. A smokeless cigarette package is made up of a special nicotine solution consisting of water, nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol, a food grade alcohol additive that helps vaporize the solution. These elements are all FDA authorized, and they may really be the only substances present in the liquid. There isn’t any tobacco, tar, or any other compound that can make classic products unhealthy and offensive.

Eventually, when an individual chooses smokeless cigarettes as their tobacco choice, they are cutting out all the unsafe chemical substances that hold the surgeon general’s warnings plastered all around tobacco products. With a smokeless cigarette system, smokers don’t have to endure through the dangerous additives, and can strengthen their lives drastically without needing to manage nicotine withdrawal. Additionally, these products are smokeless and flame-less, meaning, they may be very much safer to make use of. Legislation continues being accepted each and every year that even more prohibits where smokers may possibly light up. Function areas and community regions seem to be growing ‘no smoking’ indications at a rapid pace. From bars and restaurants to clubs and community buildings, smokers are actually facing growing prohibitions and bans. The principle culprit for these laws is second-hand smoke cigarettes.

The smokeless cigarettes will not develop second-hand smoke; for that reason, they’re not included in tobacco bans. Smokers don’t have to be inconvenienced to go outside and face the elements just to smoke cigarettes. A smokeless cigarette system uses a no-flame technology by vaporizing the nicotine solution that smokers inhale directly. A common by-product can be a smaller quantity of drinking water mist. With these smokeless products, smokers are in a position to take pleasure in their freedom without worrying about the outcomes of smoke on both themselves and other people. Non-smokers can work and reside in an atmosphere free from toxic tobacco fumes. If all people utilized this variety of product, there would by no means be a need for your bans.

An excellent advantage of the smokeless cigarette over the classic “analog” tobacco cigarettes will be the price tag. The price of a 30ml liquid nicotine is around twenty dollars. This bottle will make as much as fifty cartridges, which equates to around twenty-five and fifty packs of cigarettes, depending on the strength and frequency of your usage of your smokeless cigarette. This is also a wonderful approach to cut down in your nicotine addiction, as you may control the nicotine intake by creating your own cartridges. On the numerous strengths with the smokeless cigarette, by far, the best is that you could “vape” anywhere. There are presently no laws against smokeless cigarettes inside the UNITED STATES; nonetheless, these are presently under review through the FDA.

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My Favorite Tip For Stopping Smoking

My Favorite Tip For Stopping Smoking

You want to stop smoking, but you don’t know how. Maybe you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, or maybe you are ready to try something new but don’t know where to turn. Relax, because, thanks to some new technology, help is here!

We all know that smoking is one of those habits that is tough to break. Surveys tell us that over 70% of Americans who smoke would like to quit, but a very small percentage of these will actually succeed without help. Also, many of those who do quit will begin smoking again within the first 6 to 18 months after quitting. But take heart! There is something new on the market that can help you to quit smoking cigarettes painlessly and permanently.

For now, I am going to assume that you have decided that you do indeed want to quit smoking, and all you really need at this point is to be pointed in the right direction for some help. And that’s what I am going to give you here — my favorite “stop smoking tip” that can help anybody who is ready to quit. (Guess what? It can even help you if you aren’t quite ready to quit but you sometimes find yourself in situations where you are not able to smoke — restaurants and offices, to name just a couple of these.)

One tip from the American Cancer Society designed to help people who want to quit smoking is to have other things available to put in your mouth. I agree with this wholeheartedly, and it is in fact my favorite tip from any source. Smoking is not just about the addictive ingredients in cigarettes. If it was, everyone who ever got a nicotine patch or some stop smoking gum would quit right away. No, there is more to it than that. You need to break the actual habit of smoking, the act of taking a puff, the feeling of actually using a cigarette.

And now, thanks to a new miracle of the electronic age, there is an easy way to help you to stop smoking: use an electronic cigarette! You get all of the feeling of smoking, even the “smoke,” without any of the harmful side-effects and chemicals that are in regular tobacco smoke. Not only that, but you can use the e-cigarette anywhere!! It emits only water vapor, not smoke, as you puff on it, so you can use it in all the otherwise forbidden zones: public places, family gatherings, even restaurants and stores.

Since it looks and feels like the real thing, you don’t miss smoking so much. You get all the advantages of smoking that have become like second nature to you, but you lose the harmful toxins found in cigarettes. It tastes good, it feels good — this is the perfect solution. I hope you will take heed of this, my favorite stop smoking tip, and give an electronic cigarette a try.

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5 Secrets on How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If you want to know how to quit cigarette smoking, then read this now. You will find out quit smoking cigarette secrets in these 5 tips.

Tip #1: Tell others when you will stop smoking.

If you tell others when you will quit smoking, then you will stay committed to your goal more than not telling anyone. Make sure to tell it to people who you know have your best interest. You want to make sure you are surrounded by positive people who will encourage you in a good way.

You don’t want to just tell every single person you know because some people may judge you and make you feel bad about your current situation. So choose the people wisely in terms of who to tell when you quit smoking cigarettes.

Tip #2: Find out your inner why.

Take some time off to reflect on the deep reason you want to quit cigarette smoking. Initially, you may say that you want to quit just for health reasons — but don’t just stop there. Keep going deeper and analyzing the core reason you want to stop smoking cigarettes. Keep asking why until you get a reason that can’t go any deeper.

Once you figure out your own deep-rooted reason (which I like to call your “inner why”), you will have that clarity that you need in order to take the next step to achieve your goal. This deep-rooted core reason will give you that extra motivation and fuel to go out there and do whatever it takes to make your goals a reality.

Tip #3: Carry a water bottle.

Every time you have an urge to smoke nicotine, you want to replace that with another task. A simple replacement is to drink water. Drinking water is healthy, normal, cheap, and easy. So anytime you have a desire to smoke, then get that water bottle and drink some water.

In the beginning, this may seem hard, but if you do this consistently, you will be able to form a new habit.

Tip #4: Hang out with non-smokers.

One of the biggest reasons people smoke is because the people they hang out with are smokers as well. So, you want to end this cycle. Start to hang out with people who don’t smoke. Spend more time with non-smokers than smokers. You will feel more pressure not to smoke when you are with your non-smoking friends.

At first, this may seem uncomfortable, but there is power in influence through being around other people. That’s because you become like the 5 closest people you hang out with most on a consistent basis. So make it a daily habit to spend more time with non-smokers than smokers.

Tip #5: Do this for 21 straight days.

Studies have shown that people can develop a new habit if they do something for 21 days in a row. That means after you do this for 21 days in a row, it will be more natural to not smoke than to smoke. Just realize that the earliest stage will be the most difficult. But it is probably the most important part of the journey.

So make sure to stick to the tips here for at least 21 consecutive days and you will have much better chances of becoming 100% sober from nicotine.

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