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Victory 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Victory – Start off with a FREE starter kit!  You’ve wanted to quick smoking, well there’s no more excuses.  Here’s your golden ticket with Victory.  This FREE starter kit will get you going on the road to a smokeless life.  No more yellow teeth, musty smell, second hand smoke for your children, or even the high expense of smoking.

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lux e1347312237669 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Lux- Lux lets one smoke anywhere without the offensive odor of traditional cigarettes. This makes it so one can always get a nicotine fix with no tobacco, no tar and no toxic chemicals or harm others.
 7ssmart 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette 7-Smart – This superstore offers everything you could possibly need from starters kits to refills in a No-BS style.  7-Smart is definitely the choice if you want options between colors, packages, different types of eCigs, flavors, chargers, liquids and everything else can be found here.  Take a look to find what you’re looking for.
puresmoke e1347312473677 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Puresmoke- Discover the satisfaction of a smoke-free, tar-free, leak-proof alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. PureSmoke e-cigs do not contain tar or carcinogenic substances so it’s safe for the environment. Our Full Flavor and Menthol Flavor cartridges are offered in 4 nicotine strengths: High, Medium, Low, Zero.
cigarti e1347312622504 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Cigarti- We are proud to offer the only electronic cigarette on the market that is completely customizable. Cigarti electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of classic cigarettes, yet do not contain any of the dangerous cancer causing agents that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. Cigarti users inhale clean water vapor and nicotine – without tobacco, tar, and carcinogens.
 smokeassist Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette  Smoke Assist- Smoke Assist™ is an exciting alternative. You may now satisfy your oral fixation with our water vapor device. Smoke Assist™ – Featuring realistic tobacco flavor, look and feel. No more smoke smell on your clothes, in your home or work.
envycig Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Envycigs- With the price of traditional cigarettes climbing every year, health related costs mounting, and the ever shrinking number of places in which you can legally smoke, it is time to enjoy a new day. Remember when you could smoke anywhere you wanted? Remember when a pack of cigarettes only cost you $2.50 or less? Today is the day when the technology of the future meets the affordability and convenience of the past.
smokelessdelight 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette smokelessdelite- Smokelessdelite has three different starter packages to choose from making the Smokelessdelite Free Ecigarette perfect for any budget. Stater kits include low, medium or high nicotine cartridges, so one can easily transition to the Free Ecigarette without experiencing withdraws from traditional cigarettes.
CheapElectronic 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Smoketip- The Smoke Tip Free Ecigarette comes in a variety of flavors, such as Almond • Apple • Cherry • Chocolate
Clove • Coffee • Peach • Strawberry • Vanilla. The “Eazy Drag”system offers an effortless Free Ecigarette smoking experience.
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v2cigs- V2 has a breakthrough 2-piece design that was developed to correct the problems commonly experienced with the early 3-piece Free Ecigarette models. The Fresh seal feature on the flavor cartridges of the Free Ecigarette gives a pleasant E smoking experience.
volcano 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette
Volcano- Volcano features a disposable menthol or regular tobacco Free Ecigarette along with their starter kits that range from mini Free Ecigarettes to a larger size. Also available, Volcano Vapor Cafe Coffee, an exclusive blend that compliments the Volcano Free Ecigarette wonderfully.
smoke51 150x150 Free Vapor Cigarettes vapor cigarette Smoke 51 Ecigarettes and Supplies-Vapor Corp. proudly introduces the 51™ Free ECigarette. Using advanced technology, the 51™ Free Ecigarette allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere sans the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Electronic Smoking

Electronic Smoking

Every one of us deserves to inhale air which is free from pollution because air pollution is dangerous to everyone’s health and that includes cigarette smoke. Even if we do not smoke cigarettes, we still smell and breathe the smoke from our seatmates or neighbors, and that is called second-hand smoke which is much more dangerous for us. Many establishments like hotels, offices, galleries and department stores have strictly banned cigarette smoking because they were concerned with their patrons. They do not only refer to adult patrons but to children as well.

The World Health Organization (WHO), for years, stressed out that environmental tobacco smoke has hazardous effects. They declared that passive smoking is more than simple nuisances; in short, it is a health hazard. They found out that each year, 4,000 to 5,000 people die from tobacco-related diseases in the United States only.

The statistics show that only about 20% of the men smoked, and few only on women. Nowadays, there had been an alternative for cigarette, the so-called electronic cigarettes, that the physician prescribes for their patients who had been addicted to these harmful vices. However, there have been a growing number of young adults and children who have been smoking cigarettes at a very young age. Health officials and the government have been trying so hard to eradicate these addictive vices to ensure the welfare and the future of these young kids.

Electronic cigarettes have been made available in the market, but it is not for every one’s affordability. But if you want to cut down nicotine consumption, this device will help you achieve that since its nicotine content is a thousand times lower than that of regular cigarettes.

If you love yourself and the people who love you, then try to cut down nicotine by using electronic cigarettes or better yet, quit smoking. This does not make you any less of a person if you quit, but rather, you will be making your family proud of what you have achieved.

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You Deserve A Vapor Cigarette!

What is The Only Real Smoking Alternative

Safe Smoking With Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Safe Smoking With Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are also known as fire-safe cigarettes.

Since these ecigarettes are smoke-free, public places have no problem to let the people smoke legally inside their premises. With these new cigarettes giving out just steam or water vapor and no smoke, it even obliterates the problem of passive smoking. It is environment-friendly and health-friendly, too. Due to this, the concept of electronic cigarette is fast catching on. It is completely harmless and also cheaper. For all those who have been trying to give up the tobacco habit and were finding it problematic, the new non-nicotine cigarettes are the answer. Nicotine addicts are usually found to be using these to terminate their dependence on tobacco. It can be used to first help lower and then quit smoking altogether.

In addition to being healthier than traditional cigarettes, these cigarettes are 100% legal as it does not involve tobacco, and involve no risk of being banned in bars, dinning places, places of enterprise, even on airplanes. Interestingly, smokeless cigarettes also enable one to smoke without the fear of other people’s ire due to the awful smoke or smell that normal cigarettes do. While it gratifies one’s fixation to holding a cigarette and dragging on it, it emits no side effects that normal ones do. Also, while these cigarettes look, feel and taste almost similar to classic cigarettes, they operate in a different way. Not burning any tobacco, they trigger a flow sensor when one inhales through it and this releases a water vapor containing nicotine, propylene glycol, and a scent that simulates the taste of tobacco. All of these means that the ecigarette gives the nicotine fix while warding off all the cancer-causing agents in normal cigarettes such as tar, carcinogens, tons of chemicals, and hydrocarbons.

Looking just like a real cigarette, these cigarettes use a small battery and atomizer, the heating element, to turn a liquid form of nicotine into a smoke-like vapor that neither smells nor produces tar. Even for smokers who still smoke tobacco but want to be healthier, these fire-safe cigarettes come handy. They can choose to use it instead of smoking a normal cigarette when they have a cold so that they do not have the chalky feeling in the lungs that smoking tobacco often leaves behind.

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Is There An Effective Smoking Alternative