Ecigarette: A Healthy Way to Smoke

Ecigarette: A Healthy Way to Smoke

Clinical studies have clearly established the connection between smoking and several chronic medical conditions, which includes various types of cancers, emphysema, and coronary diseases.  Aside from the health hazards associated with smoking, there are also risks posed to other individuals via second-hand smoking.  So, one of the challenges for well-being experts, and smokers alike, is to come across a solution to the health risks that smoking brings.  Aside from “stop smoking” campaigns, perhaps a far more realistic approach is to find smoking alternatives that present smokers the pleasure of smoking without the well-being troubles associated with it.  One of these alternatives is the ecigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

What is an ecigarette?

An ecigarette is an electronic device that’s being introduced as an alternative to traditional smoking.  It does this by vaporizing a nicotine mixture or packet and that, in turn, is inhaled by the smoker. Electronic cigarettes normally include a heating mechanism, and a nicotine cartridge or container.  The heating mechanism generally contains a sensor where it activates the heating or vaporizing procedure when inhalation or vacuum action is detected.  This, then, turns the nicotine mixture into a vapor, ready for inhalation by the smoker.

Ecigarettes are normally made to look and really feel like traditional cigarettes, and they even have a LED that lights up when a smoker puffs on the cigarette.  The device is usually powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which the smoker may recharge if in case the electronic cigarette run out of power.

How can the electronic cigarette be a healthy alternative to smoking?

According to studies, majority of the carcinogens and toxins from tobacco smoking comes from the burning of tobacco leaves.  There are 19 recognized carcinogens discovered when tobacco leaves burn.  Aside from those, there are also lead and tar from cigarette smoking.  Also, one should not forget that tobacco also affects the surrounding folks through second-hand smoke.  Then there’s also the carbon monoxide emitted that affects the quality of the environment. Despite these health hazards, smokers continue on with their habit.  It is the stimulating but calming effects of nicotine that make people addicted to smoking.  Additionally, nicotine constitutes a huge component of the taste of tobacco.

If you contemplate these facts, you might be able to discern how electronic cigarettes can grow to be a healthy alternative.  Look at these points:

1.  Ecigarettes do not burn tobacco leaves.

2.  Ecigarettes just present the nicotine without the carcinogens and toxins.

3.  Ecigarettes do not give out smoke.

If you combine those points, then you ought to form a picture in your mind of how electronic cigarettes are significantly better than conventional, unhealthy cigarettes.  You know the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”?  Of course, the reverse is also true.  If there’s no fire, there’s no smoke.  In the case of tobacco smoking, combustion takes place.  In electronic cigarettes, this procedure doesn’t occur at all.  So if there’s no combustion, you remove the conditions that outcomes in the production or release of toxins, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide.

Another advantage that ecigarettes present is that they give out the exact same pleasure of traditional smoking as making use of ecigarettes simulates the inhalation of smoke.  Also, these devices are made to look and really feel like cigarettes, so smokers would have an easier time transitioning to them.  As smoking is also a psychological habit, many smokers require to feel a stick between their fingers and lips.  This is one thing that can’t be given by other smoking alternatives such as the nicotine gum and the nicotine patch.

Finally, an alternative!

Smoking does present various health hazards and risks, but through technology, even that can be circumvented.  One innovative solution that uses technologies to solve the well-being issues posed by cigarette smoking is the electronic cigarette.

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