Ecigs? Battery-Powered Freedom

Ecigs? Battery-Powered Freedom

Say the word “ecig” and you may get some puzzled looks from the people around you. Put simply, an ecig is the freedom to enjoy a cigarette when smoking is not allowed. They are battery-powered devices that look a lot like traditional cigarettes. But instead of burning tobacco and all of the nasty chemicals that go along with it, they use a heater to vaporize a nicotine liquid that you inhale. The feeling is the same, but the effect on those around you is not. By vaporizing the nicotine, you avoid the smell and ashes of old-fashioned smoking while still getting the nicotine you want.

They are convenient and every bit as portable as any other cigarette, but offer you the ability to enjoy one whenever and wherever you want without having to stress yourself out with smoking restrictions. Electric cigarettes are an excellent way to relax when you would otherwise have to sneak off to have a smoke. The vapor does not have the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. You can finally celebrate a good meal with a smoke without smoking. Smokers know that cigarettes go great with cocktails, and now, you can have your nicotine at your favorite bar without having to go outside in the cold or rain.

Because electronic cigarettes deliver the same amount of nicotine as an average drag from a traditional cigarette, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. They are easy to use and easy to find. If you are trying to cut down or even quit smoking, you can get ecigs that do not contain nicotine. It is just a warm vapor to inhale to help break the habit. They do not burn anything, so their use is not restricted like pipes, cigars and cigarettes. You can enjoy them anywhere. From theaters to work and everywhere in between, you are free to “light up” anywhere you want.

The best thing about electronic cigarettes is probably their affordability. The refills are a lot cheaper than a pack of cigarettes and if you choose to refill your own cartridges, the savings are almost unbelievable. The batteries that power ecigs are rechargeable and you can pick among reusable and disposable varieties. There is no reason to have to choose between your favorite way to relax and the restrictions placed on that activity anymore. Ecigs offer the best of both worlds without any of the trade-offs. They really are battery-powered freedom.

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