How E-cigarettes Can Save Your Family Health

You’ve seen the labels – “Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health”, “Cigarettes Cause Lung Cancer”, “Tobacco Use Increases the Risk of Infertility” – all of these warnings are meant to increase public awareness on the harmful effects of smoking. But the most glaring sign is one that smokers probably don’t see – Cigarette Smoke Can Harm Your Children. You are putting your family members in harm’s way every time you light a cigarette, inhale and blow carcinogens into the air.  You can protect them from the serious damage caused by passive smoking by switching to the smoke-free electronic cigarette.

What is passive smoking? There are two ways that the people around you can inhale second-hand smoke. The first is the midstream smoke, which a smoker exhales into the air after every puff. The more harmful type is the side stream smoke, which flutters from the burning tip of your cigarette and builds up in a room.

Second-hand tobacco smoke is said to be more lethal than what smokers are actually inhaling. Non-smokers breathe in twice the amount of nicotine and tar and roughly five times the level of carbon monoxide from the smoke that you are blowing into the air.

By exposing the non-smokers in your household to second-hand smoke, you are increasing their risk of lung cancer by around 25%. Kids who are in their formative years are most vulnerable because they have a weaker immune system than adults. Small children may develop bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory tract infections from continuous exposure to second-hand smoke.

Can’t kick the habit? Eliminate the detrimental effects of passive smoking with the e-cigarette, at least while you are in the presence of your kids. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and do not produce smoke. E-cigarettes allow you to fill that urge without exposing your family to second-hand smoke.

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