Why I Smoke Vapor Cigarettes

Why I Smoke Vapor Cigarettes

Have you been to the mall lately and seen all of those kiosks hawking these new vapor cigarettes (or sometimes called electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs”)?  They seem to be everywhere lately.  The mall near my house must have at least five of these kiosks scattered throughout the mall.  I’d always been hesitant to try them; the salesperson always seemed to be pushy.  I figured it’s just a fad, these things aren’t really that great, and it’s just a novelty and will go away soon.  But one day, my friend surprised me when he pulled out his electronic cigarette kit, so I had to give it a try, and I must admit that I am now a believer in them.

What I like the most about the vapor cigarette is that I can smoke them anywhere.  There is no smoke emitted from the electronic cigarette, rather it is a nicotine vapor, with no odor.  I hated having to step outside when I wanted a smoke.  With the electronic cigarette, I can take a puff whenever and wherever I like!

The next thing that turned me on to the electronic cigarettes is that the nicotine cartridges come in a bunch of flavors.  I’ve always loved to smoke hookahs, with all the different flavored tobaccos, and now I can get the same variety with electronic cigarettes.  Vanilla, chocolate, peach, apple, you name it – there’s tons of flavors.  Of course, for the real cigarette effect, e-cigs also come in regular tobacco flavor as well as menthol.  The cartridges also come in varying strength, so there’s something for the heavy smokers as well as the social smokers.

The other thing that I’ve loved about vapor cigarettes is that there is no mess.  My front porch used to be littered with cigarette butts, it was a pain to sweep up.  A single nicotine cartridge in an electronic cigarette lasts about as long as two packs of traditional cigarettes, and when it runs out, you simply unscrew the cartridge and throw it away and screw a new cartridge on.  There’s no ash or cigarette butts to deal with.

I’d been hesitant at first to give electronic cigarettes a try, but now that I’ve given them an honest try, I don’t see myself going back to traditional cigarettes anytime soon.  I get the same effect of a regular cigarette without any of the mess or smell, and I can smoke them anywhere.  You can’t beat that.

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